OzManouche 2016 Performers

OzManouche 2016 Performers

A little info on each of this year's performers:

Thursday night - Cigany Weaver - a great bunch of young musos from Brisbane, mostly Conservatorium students, who play a range from straight ahead Django style to more Balkan gypsy tunes. They feature a vocalist, Johanna Davie, and a fine violinist. Their lineup is two guitars, bass, drums, violin and vocals. You can see them if you CLICK HERE

Friday night: Mimosa open the show - they are a guitar/violin duo from Sydney - young and exciting. Here's a clip: CLICK HERE

They're followed by George Washingmachine and Ian Date - always an entertaining and light-hearted show with brilliant musicianship and plenty of humour. George plays violin, Ian plays guitar, they both sing, and they're backed by Ian's brother Nigel on guitar and Matty Eves on bass. here's a clip: CLICK HERE

Saturday night: Mimosa will again open, followed by our overseas headliner this year - Sebastien Giniaux from Paris - this is a guitar special - he's one of the modern virtuosos (virtuosi?) in the Django style, though his repertoire is wide and varied, from classical to Eastern European music - an absolute treat - I saw him a few years ago and had one of those "I think I'll go home and throw away my guitar" moments.. :-)

This is Sebastien at work: CLICK HERE

Sunday morning will feature the Jon Delaney Trio - Jon's from Melbourne and is probably the pre-eminent Australian guitarist in the style at the moment; he recorded a CD in Paris earlier this year - again his repertoire features a range of tunes, while centered on Django. Here's Jon: CLICK HERE

Sunday night will be the Date brothers - Ian will play a lot of guitar, sing in his own inimitable style, and play a bit of Louis Armstrong-style cornet. Then we're all going to take part in an end-of-festival djam, featuring all the musicians who've played as well as others.

see you there!



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