OZ Manouche
Nell Greco Quartet Featuring Ewan Mackenzie

La vie est lŕ – qui vous prend par le bras!

Nell Greco is a Sydney-born, London-based singer enamored with vintage music and fashion from the 30s and 40s (mostly!).

While she began singing at a very early age, she only began studying jazz after she’d moved to London. It was there that she fell in love with Gypsy Jazz, and began frequenting Hot Club hot spots – dancing nights away and sitting in with the bands until the small hours of the morning. Before long she was leading her own manouche-inspired ensemble – fusing her love of Ella Fitzgerald’s smooth vocal approach, with Piaf’s raw, emotional chanson, and hot club joie de vivre.

Ewan one of Australia's finest Gypsy Jazz guitarists and original driving force behind the Ozmanouche Festival being the festival’s Creative Director from its inception in 2005 till 2016. His soloing is warm and articulate.

Nell Greco (vocals), Ewan Mackenzie (guitar), Cameron Jones (guitar), Stan Valacos (double bass)