OZ Manouche

Some interesting places to visit:

Crossroad Guitars - Remco Mayer has recently arrived from Holland and is a major importer of Manouche essentials such as Wegen picks, Argentine strings and tuition material such as Michael Horowitz's Gypsy Picking book. Remco is one of the organisers of OzManouche and will have merchandise stalls at the Festival.
Festival du Django Reinhardt - The annual Festival in the town of Samois outside Paris where Django spent his last years. It's worth the pilgrimage to Samois, you can visit Django's gravesite - where Joseph, Babik, Naguine and Lousson are also buried - and leave a pick in homage :-) and play a chorus of Nuages over the gravesite. You can also wander through the village and see his house, and jam with people from all over the world in the village square. The festival itself is on an island in the Seine River and is the most beautiful festival site I've ever been to.
Gypsy Jazz .Net - Alain Cola's website - maker of Dell Arte Guitars.
John Le Voi Guitars - John Le Voi is a fine luthier based in the UK - Cameron Jones from Gadjo Guitars plays a Le Voi D Hole.